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How Do I Use Santa’s Enchanted Cookie Plate?

Would your kids love updates from the North Pole on Christmas Eve? Are you leaving cookies out for Santa Claus? Yes! Well, do both at the same time with Santa’s Enchanted Cookie Plate.

  1. Where do I get it? It’s only at Target.
  2. How do I set it up? Follow these simple steps.
    • Remember, the cookie plate works best on Christmas Eve. There are a few updates prior to the big night, but the fun is designed to occur when the sleigh is in the air.
    • Check the Batteries. You need 3 AAA. It comes with batteries but replacing them is always a good idea.
    • Watch the set-up video and set the timer.
    • NOTE: Press the buttons gently. If you hear a message that sales mode has activated, turn the cookie plate off, then on, and begin the set-up process again.
    • If you have any difficulty, try this secret tip.

Make your Christmas Eve magical with a new tradition! Enjoy!