Easter Bunny Dress-Up & Hopscotch

Elf with printable bunny ears and hopscotch board

Somebunny’s got a great getup! Wear these ears to look just like the Easter bunny and win a game of hopscotch. 


  • Color printer
  • Card stock/paper
  • Printables
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Cotton balls
  • Jelly beans


  1. Your elf will print, cut and adhere the bunny ears.
  2. They’ll either use the printable tail or add one made of cotton balls!
  3. Your elf will leave ears and a printable tail for you too!
  4. The elf will prepare the hopscotch printable. Toss a jelly bean, then follow the instructions according to the corresponding number the jelly bean lands on.
  5. Enjoy the fun Easter poem along with the activity!

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Safety Warnings!