Elf Sized Oven


  • Oven printable
  • Color printer
  • Card stock
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Sweet treat


  1. Print and cut out the oven on the card stock.
  2. Lay the oven flat on a table with the blank side facing up, and fold each piece inward along the dotted lines. (Helpful hint: your elf will fold each piece into the middle, with the exception of the stove top, which will be folded the opposite way of every other piece.)
  3. Starting with the smallest flaps near the oven’s controls, tape each tab to the oven piece that it naturally touches. All tabs should be taped inside the oven.
  4. Sit near the finished mini oven with a sweet surprise they baked up just for you!

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Safety Warnings!