Host the Perfect Polar Picnic this Summer 

Scout Elves sure are crafty in the kitchen! Join them for a Polar Picnic with reindeer sliders, a snowman fruit salad, red and green lemonade and an Elf Pets ice cream treat. These adorable, easy recipes are sure to bring some North Pole spirit to your summer celebrations! 

Printable Sign Materials:  

  • Color printer
  • Card stock/copy paper 
  • Printable 
  • Scissors 

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Before you or your elf get to work recreating any of these inspirational photos, be sure to read these safety warnings. Santa wants to make sure everyone stays safe!

Snowman Fruit Salad 


  • Three watermelons 
  • Blueberries 
  • Melon baller 
  • Twigs 
  • Small top hat 
  • Scarf 

Instructions for Snowman Fruit Salad:  

  1. Your Scout Elf will remove a thin slice from the side of each watermelon so it lays flat on the serving surface.  
  2. Your elf will then carefully carve into the face-up side of two of the watermelons so they may scoop out the fruit with the melon baller. 
  3. Once the melons are scooped down to the rind, your elf will pat dry the insides of the melon bowls before returning the melon balls and some blueberries to them.  
  4. Your elf will use a few berries, halved, to form the snowman’s face atop the third watermelon. 
  5. Finally, your Scout Elf will decorate the snowman with a scarf, top hat, and twigs! 

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Reindeer Sliders


  • Hamburger patties 
  • Buns 
  • Your favorite slider toppings and condiments 
  • Pretzels 

Instructions for Reindeer Sliders:  

  1. First, your Scout Elf will lay out all of the slider toppings and buns.
  2. Next, they will grill the slider patties.
  3. Then the elf will put together the sliders according to how your family likes them! 
  4. Finally, the Scout Elf will break pretzels in half and stick them in the top bun to look like reindeer antlers and use sour cream to attach black olive tips to look like eyes and a nose!    

  For general and specific warnings please click HERE 

Red & Green Lemonade


  • Pink lemonade powder 
  • Lemons 
  • Mint leaves 
  • Watermelon slices 

Instructions for Red and Green Lemonade:   

  1. Your elf will prepare the lemonade according to the instructions. 
  2. They will add sliced lemons, mint leaves and watermelon wedges to decorate and enhance the flavor. 

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Elf Pets Ice Cream


  • Chocolate and vanilla ice cream 
  • Ice cream cones 
  • Oval cookies 
  • Pretzels 
  • Yellow sprinkles 
  • Black icing 
  • Fruit tape
  • Chocolate taffy

Instructions for Elf Pets Ice Cream:   

  1. Your Scout Elf will place three (one on each) scoops of ice cream onto sugar ice cream cones.  
  2. Next, they will place pretzels on top of a chocolate scoop to look like reindeer antlers, oval-shaped cookies on a vanilla scoop to look like Saint Bernard ears, and pointed cookie pieces on the second vanilla scoop to look like arctic fox ears.
  3. Then they will place black icing on each scoop to form a cute button nose and eyes.
  4. Lastly, your Scout Elf will use fruit tape and yellow icing to form Elf Pets collars and magic hearts.
  5. Your Scout Elf may add a flair of detail and form a Saint Bernard barrel from chocolate taffy and an Arctic Fox snow globe from a cookie! 

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