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Download 4 Free Printable Christmas Scavenger Hunts

On your mark, get set, go! Send little ones on a mission around your home, neighborhood or town square to hunt for all things Christmas-related! Utilize one of these four, free Christmas-themed scavenger hunts, including a clue-based hunt that leads to a prize, to keep kids entertained during the holidays. Read on to download the treasure hunts, or your elf may bring one back as a special surprise. Get ready to get your hunt on!

  1. Indoor Christmas Scavenger Hunt Indoor Hunt

    Your family will have to get their race on, searching high and low for Christmas décor, holiday items and winter necessities. The person to find the most items in a set time, or the person to find all the items first, wins!

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  2. Outdoor Christmas Scavenger Hunt Outdoor Hunt

    Add a new twist to the age-old tradition of driving around to look at Christmas lights. This time, when your family is roaming the neighborhood, encourage kids to engage in a friendly competition: a scavenger hunt. Who will find the most decorations on the list?

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  3. Around Town Christmas Scavenger Hunt Around Town Hunt

    If you need a way to keep little ones engaged during one or multiple shopping trips for food or gifts, have this “Around Town Christmas Scavenger Hunt” handy. Kids will need to use their five senses to see how many Christmas things they can see, hear, touch, taste and smell. Happy Hunting!

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  4. Clue-Based Christmas Scavenger Hunt Hunt Clues

    What’s better than opening Christmas presents? Participating in a festive hunt to find one! Print these pre-made holiday hunt clues and hide them around the house. Make sure there’s a prize in place at the end. Then, send kids along their way, solving the Christmas treasure hunt clues to find a prize. Ready, set, go!

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  5. For more year-round scavenger hunt inspiration, check out these kid-friendly scavenger hunt tips.