Are You Looking for Elf Ideas?

Most Scout Elves adopt the personality of their family, so whether your elf is silly, crafty, funny or sweet, they’ll find inspiration browsing different ideas for Scout Elves. Read on to see where you can view all elf ideas.

  1. Visit the Ideas for Scout Elves gallery.

    Browse these elf ideas, so you can inspire your elf, or bookmark this page so you’ll have it readily available. If you see an idea you think your family will love, just print it out or show it to your elf, and maybe they’ll recreate it! Check back throughout the season to see the newest elf ideas!

    Elf Ideas gallery

  2. Download the free The Elf on the Shelf® Ideas App .

    For families and elves on the go, rely on the elf ideas app to provide inspiration. The app will showcase innovative ideas with materials and instructions your elf will need to pull them off. You can even enable daily alerts and reminders, so your Scout Elf will always be prepared for their next greatest landing spot.

    Elf ideas app

With these galleries, your elf will have access to tons of ideas, making it easier for them to invent new landing spots and in turn create more magical moments your family will enjoy together. Don’t forget to share your Scout Elf’s creative landing spots on Facebook!