Download This Free Summer Activity For Kids

Who’s ready for fun in the sun? Scout Elves are! They enjoy the summer months just as much as they like the cold at Christmastime. Didn’t you know they take a vacation too? Their vacation doesn’t last long so they like to make a list of all their favorite summer activities. Kids can join in on the Scout Elves’ Summer Bucket List Bingo! Fill up the whole card by the end of summer and shout “BINGO”! 

Summer Bucket List Bingo

Scout Elves are here to celebrate the last day of school and leave kiddos with lots of summer activities! 


  • Color printer
  • Card stock/paper
  • Printable
  • Scissors


  1. Your Scout Elf will prepare the printable. 
  2. The elf will then lay out all the materials needed for children to cut out their bingo chips. 
  3. Finally, one by one, kids will paste bingo chips on each summer activity as they complete it. It won’t take long to fill the card and win the game! 

Safety Tips: [General, 2]

Enjoy MORE “elfciting” summer activities!

Before you or your elf get to work recreating any of these inspirational photos, be sure to read these safety warnings. Santa wants to make sure everyone stays safe!