Fresh Ideas for Rainy Day Games

April is known for its showers, and it has inspired the Scout Elves to provide you with great indoor game ideas! When the elves want to have fun indoors, they have several go-to activities that they’ve adapted below so your family can brighten the month ahead. Easy to pull off with items from around the house, these rainy day games will create a full day of indoor fun that the whole family can enjoy.

Fresh Ideas for Rainy Day Games – The Elf on the Shelf

Wacky Photo Booth

Help your kids get outfitted in their dress-up box best, and have them pose for the camera! Let children put on hats, eye patches, mustaches, scarves, glasses and other fun props to create quirky photo keepsakes, or use the Scout Elves’ free printable props below! Use a bed sheet as a photo backdrop, and play photographer as your kids mix and match looks.

Get Props

What Comes Next?

Bring out your family members’ inner Shakespeare with this fun storytelling game that is sure to end with lots of laughter! Sit in a circle, and give everyone a piece of paper. Have each family member write down the first sentence of a story. After, everyone will pass their paper to the person on their right, who will write the story’s second sentence. The paper should be folded down after each subsequent writer’s turn, so the next person to receive the paper can only see the sentence written just before theirs. Continue until you feel the stories are complete. Have everyone unfold their paper, take turns reading the hilarious patchwork pieces aloud!

Paper Bag Skits

Gather a variety of items from around the house that can be used as props for an impromptu play, and place them in separate bags. Divide your family into groups, and have each group open a bag of items. Give everyone between 15 to 30 minutes to create a short skit using the props. Then, vote for the best one!

A Puzzle to Pass the Time

Put your problem-solving skills to the test with a puzzle. You could pull one out of the closet, or use the Scout Elves’ printable puzzle template to turn any picture you choose into a challenging jigsaw!

Get Puzzle Template

Santa Says

Adapt Simons Says into Santa Says to put a fun twist on a classic game that never goes out of style. Designate one family member to be Santa first. That person will call out actions after first saying the phrase, “Santa Says.” Everyone must copy Santa’s actions (touching their toes, striking a pose, marching in place, etc.). If Santa tells the other players to complete an action without first saying, “Santa Says,” then players should remain still. Anybody who moves or performs an action without “Santa Says” preceding it will be out! Take turns leading this giggle-worthy game.

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