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How Can I Talk to My Scout Elf?

Now that Santa’s Scout Elves have returned to the North Pole, your kids may be wondering how they can still get a message to your family’s friendly helper. Luckily, there are several easy ways to get in touch with the North Pole if your child is missing their Scout Elf. Even though your family can’t talk to your elf directly while they are at the North Pole, you can keep in touch and let them know you’re thinking of them! Find out the best ways to reach out to Santa’s elves at the North Pole below.

Snail Mail

How Can I Talk to My Scout Elf?

Write, sign and seal your messages to the North Pole, and ship them off to one of Santa’s certified U.S. mail centers! The address for the mail center below is filled with humans who work for Santa at the Southern Branch of the North Pole, and they specialize in child-to-elf correspondence. Not only can you give updates to your elf, you can also send your most important messages to Santa via this address:

The North Pole
3350 Riverwood Parkway SE
Suite 300
Atlanta, GA 30339

Digital Updates

How Can I Talk to My Scout Elf?

Keep up with your Scout Elf by following the happenings of the North Pole on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also keep up with the elves on Santa’s North Pole blog! Find fun family activities, recipes and elf updates throughout the year!

Send a Treat

How Can I Talk to My Scout Elf?

Let your elf know your family is missing them by sending a cookie to them at the North Pole! In the Make a Cookie app, kids can decorate and send a cookies to their elf, Santa or even their Elf Pets® who are back at the North Pole! Download the app for free, and get started concocting the perfect cookie creations.

eMessage Your Elf

How Can I Talk to My Scout Elf?

Instantly send a message to Santa or your Scout Elf. Each letter makes it to Santa’s Mail Room Grotto, where the Scout Elves will read and sort each message, so you can be sure your elf reads your note!

After you contact your elf, learn some new North Pole Knowledge about your red-suited helpers!