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Product Safety and Warranty

At the North Pole, we take product safety very seriously and recognize the great responsibility we have to provide you with products that are safe. That’s why each Elf on the Shelf product is designed to meet or exceed all applicable mandated safety standards. Moreover, our products are consistently tested by independent third-party laboratories to ensure conformity with those standards. If you have any questions regarding the product safety assurance we offer, or if you would like to request copies of Certificates of Conformity, please contact our office at 678-402-0947 or contact our compliance department.

CCA and B also takes the fight against counterfeit products very seriously. Visit: to learn more.

All CCA and B products are warranted to be free from defects in materials or workmanship for one year from the date of purchase.  Within the warranty period, CCA&B will replace or refund any product that fails in normal use.  It is CCA&B’s sole discretion whether to replace or refund the product.  Such replacement will be made at no charge to you, excluding any shipping costs.  A dated sales receipt or order confirmation email is required as proof of purchase with any warranty claim.

This warranty applies only to CCA and B products that can be identified by The Elf on the Shelf®, Elf Pets® or CCA and B trademarked logo affixed to the product. This warranty shall not apply to any CCA and B products (1) purchased from unauthorized or third-party resellers; (2) that have been altered by Buyer or other third-party; (3) subject to misuse, abuse, neglect or accident; (4) damaged by improper application; (5) sold or purchased illegally; or (6) determined by CCA and B to be unauthorized reproductions or counterfeit goods. CCA and B strongly urges you to purchase CCA and B products directly from CCA and B or its authorized retailers. For more information on CCA and B’s authorized retailers, visit or call CCA and B’s customer service team at 877-919-4105.