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Elf Pets®: A Saint Bernard Tradition

Have you ever wondered how the North Pole stays magical? Or how Santa can carry all those presents? He uses Christmas magic, which is made from Christmas cheer! Learn how Christmas cheer makes it back to Santa year after year in this heartwarming tale all about Santa’s Saint Bernard puppies. These cuddly Elf on the Shelf pets encourage children to engage in acts of kindness to generate cheer to help Santa.

Elf Pets®: A Saint Bernard Tradition box set includes an illustrated storybook and a snuggly Saint Bernard pup wearing a barrel with a golden heart charm. The Saint Bernard puppy uses the barrel to gather Christmas cheer until it’s released on Christmas Eve to keep the North Pole magical. Learn about all of Santa’s furry pals on the Elf Pets® page, or read on to learn how to adopt your own Elf Pets® Saint Bernard pup.

How Do I Get a Saint Bernard?

Saint Bernard DVD Special

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Elf Pets Clothing

Dress up and play with your Saint Bernard Pups using the latest accessories from the exclusive Claus Couture Collection®.

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Elf Pets Saint Bernard Registry

Register your family’s Elf Pets® Saint Bernard to receive a personalized adoption certificate and letter from Santa Claus!

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