December Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

It’s easy for birthdays that fall in December to get lost amid the hustle and bustle of Christmas preparations. If your child has a December birthday, adopt one of these themes that celebrates the season while still highlighting their birthday as the main event!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

If you live in a cool climate, there’s no better inspiration for this party than looking out your own back door!

  • To Eat: Cut blue gelatin into jagged shapes to create edible icebergs, or sprinkle vanilla cake with powdered sugar for a snowy snack! For a more hands-on food option, set-up a hot cocoa bar complete with chocolate drizzle, candy canes, sprinkles and marshmallows.
  • To Do: If you live near a ski resort or ice skating rink, gather a small group of your son or daughter’s close friends for a day of snow tubing, skating, skiing or snowboarding. Or, if there’s snow outside, host age-appropriate outdoor activities. If you live in warmer climates, create the magic of the season indoors by crafting gingerbread houses, making ornaments or decorating cookies.

  • Party Favors: Give guests their own take-home hot cocoa kit, complete with hot chocolate mix, a mug and mini marshmallows.

Let it Snow, Man!

Host a party that celebrates these frosty friends—even if there’s no snow on the ground to make one!

  • To Eat: Scoop up bowls of vanilla ice cream, and let each guest craft their own mini snowman right in their bowl! Provide a variety of candies that can be used to decorate. The best snowman wins!
  • To Do: Create a pin-the-carrot-on-the-snowman game, and let kids take turns pinning on the snowman’s nose! Or, break kids into teams, and have each team dress one member as a snowman! Provide a hat, scarf, large black paper buttons and plenty of toilet paper. The fastest team to build a snowman, wins!
  • Party Favors: Fill a white paper bag with small treats or favors, and use construction paper and markers to dress the bag up like a snowman!

Candy Land

Goody, goody gumdrops! Indulge your guests’ sweet tooth with a soiree celebrating sweet treats!

  • To Eat: Candy, of course! Before guests can eat any confections, they’ll have to craft them. Read on for ideas.
  • To Do: Kids might be accustomed to candy that comes from the store, but show them how to make some of their favorite treats from scratch! Everything from candy apples to rock candy can be recreated with a few simple ingredients.
  • Party Favors: Send everyone home with the yummy candy creations they made!

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