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What’s the Fastest Way to Get a Letter to Santa?

Letters sent to Santa come in all shapes and sizes, and the methods they’re sent by are full of surprises! Some messages are stamped and tied with a bow, and others are folded like planes and thrown to the moon in hopes they’ll reach the North Pole. Santa’s seen it all, and he knows how hard it can be to ensure messages make it safely to the North Pole in time for Christmas with no rips, tears, smudges or weather damage!

So, how can you make sure your child’s letter makes it quickly and safely to Santa at the North Pole? Well, it doesn’t require postage, and delivery is 100% guaranteed: your Scout Elf! Santa’s speedy little helpers fly to the North Pole each night, and they can easily carry your letters for the fastest delivery to Santa. Play the video to see how the Scout Elf Express delivery system works!

The best part is when Santa has read your child’s letter, he’ll return it with your Scout Elf to hang on the Christmas tree as a keepsake ornament. A special perk just for parents is that the letter can be kept for years to come to remind you of all those sweet Christmas wishes.

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