October Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

You don’t have to wait until Halloween to throw a great October birthday bash. Take advantage of these fun fall themes for your child’s upcoming celebration.

Down on the Farm

Howdy, y’all! Sit back and enjoy the most rootin’-est, tootin’-est party your guests ever did see!

  • To Eat: Quick vittles that taste fresh off the farm are the way to go. Serve up lots of fresh fruits and veggies from the garden, deviled eggs from the coop, barbecue from the pig pen and ice cold lemonade!
  • To Do: Rather than searching for aneedle in a haystack, have guests sift through the bales of hay to find prizes! Stuff durable prizes throughout several hay bales, and let kids keep the prizes they find!
  • Party Favors: Purchase stick horses, and let kids choose their own trusty steed on their way out the door! Or, let your guests take home accessories like bandanas and cowboy hats.

Pumpkin Party

Ring in the changing of the seasons with an autumn bash that celebrates the finest food and fun that fall has to offer.

  • To Eat: Add a touch of pumpkin flavor to cupcakes, breads, cookies and drinks, or cook pumpkins like you would veggies in a savory dish. Roasted and salted pumpkin seeds make for a delicious snack, and popcorn, caramel apples and apple cider are the perfect treats to evoke the spirit of fall!
  • To Do: Purchase several pumpkins, and assist children as they carve or decorate them. Little ones will have a blast pulling out handfuls of the pumpkin’s squishy orange innards. For less mess, provide craft supplies, like paint, markers, googly eyes, feathers and pipe cleaners, and let children get creative.
  • Party Favors: Send children home with the special pumpkins they carved or crafted during the birthday party.

Tea Time

Ask children to dress in their Sunday best for a backyard tea party fit for royalty! Pass the crumpets, please.

  • To Eat: This party won’t be complete without dainty finger foods like mini cupcakes and crustless cucumber sandwiches. Kids will feel fancy picking treats off of trays hoisted up by their server. And don’t forget the tea! Some children might turn up their noses to hot tea, so offer a variety of beverages. Kids will still delight in sipping them out of tiny teacups.
  • To Do: Using beads, fishing wire and yarn, have kids create necklaces or friendship bracelets, and colorful paper can be used to make decorative fans. Once guests don their creations, they’ll look like a proper part of high society!
  • Party Favors: Buy decorative mugs and tea or lemonade packets, and wrap them up in cellophane, secured with a fanciful bow!

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