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Get Super Cool Elf on the Shelf Stuff for School

School’s back in session, and the Scout Elves have been busy crafting the perfect items that kids can take with them to brighten up the school day. Let kids cover a notebook in supercool stickers, surprise them with lunchbox notes from the elves or help them jazz up a book cover.

Nifty Notebook Stickers

Supercool School Supplies - The Elf on the Shelf

Print the PDF on sticker paper, and let kids deck their notebooks with stickers from the Scout Elves.

North Pole Lunchbox Notes

Supercool School Supplies - The Elf on the Shelf

Slip one of these sweet notes into your little one’s brown paper bag, and when lunchtime rolls around, they’ll be ecstatic to receive a special, scholarly message from their North Pole friends.

Jolly Book Cover

Supercool School Supplies - The Elf on the Shelf

Jazz up any textbook with the Scout Elves’ jolly paper decorated with festive symbols.

Searching for more school related content? Kids will be elated to recieve additional lunchbox notes straight from their Scout Elf!

Please remember that when attempting the craft included in this post children should always be supervised by an adult. When using crafting supplies or products, always read manufacturer’s instructions and warnings.