5 Fun Indoor Birthday Party Ideas

You don’t need a lot of space to pull off a stellar birthday party game, and with these ideas straight from the Scout Elves, you won’t need to spend a lot of money or time either! Be resourceful like the elves in the toyshop, and repurpose items around your house to create birthday games and activities that will keep kids engaged until it’s time to cut the cake!

  • Wacky Photo Booth

    Let children put on hats, eye patches, mustaches, scarves, glasses and other fun props to create quirky photo keepsakes. Use a bed sheet as a backdrop, and play photographer as kids mix and match funny outfits and pose for the camera.

  • What Comes Next?

    Partake in this fun storytelling game that is sure to end with lots of laughter! Sit in a circle, and give everyone a piece of paper. Have each guest write down the first sentence of a story. After, everyone will pass their paper to the person on their right, who will write the story’s second sentence. The paper should be folded down after each subsequent writer’s turn, so the next person to receive the paper can only see the sentence written just before theirs. Continue until you feel the stories are complete. Have everyone unfold their paper, take turns reading the hilarious patchwork pieces aloud!

  • Paper Bag Skits

    Pull a hodgepodge of items from around the house that can be used as props for an impromptu play. Divide the little actors into groups, and give them 30 minutes to create a short skit using different props. Let kids vote for the best one act!

  • Heads Down, Thumbs Up!

    This schoolhouse favorite is sure to go over just as well at your child’s next party. Have children sit in chairs, preferably at tables, put their heads down and stick one of their thumbs up. Designate several children to be “it.” They will each move around the room and choose one person whose thumb they will push down. Once they have returned to the front of the room, the children whose thumbs were touched will guess who did it. If they’re right, they get to be “it”!

  • Fruit Salad

    This birthday party game puts a new twist on a classic—musical chairs! Set up chairs in a circle, setting out one fewer chair than there are guests. The child without a chair will stand in the middle of the circle and say a descriptor that they think applies to at least two other party guests, such as “People who are under 12 years old” or “Anyone who has a sibling.” If that statement applies to one of the sitting guests, they must stand up and scramble for a new chair. The person in the middle will try to steal a chair, leaving someone else in the middle. If the person in the middle says “fruit salad” everyone must jump up and find a new chair!

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