5 Fun Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas

During the warmer spring and summer months, look no further than your own backyard for the ideal locale for a breezy bash. We know just how to put all that open green space to good use—with a few of the Scout Elves’ favorite party activities! These engaging games are sure to be a hit with a variety of age groups and can be easily adapted to your party’s theme.

  • Fun for Hours:

    Take a look around the basement or shed and pull out the hula hoops, jump ropes, baseball bats, footballs, bubbles—whatever you can find—and use your imagination to create a high-octane obstacle course. Kids will have fun trying to beat the each other’s records and clean-up will be a cinch!

  • Don’t Burst my Bubble:

    It’s every player for themselves in this balloon showdown, which pits players against each other to try to pop the balloons attached to the other players’ feet. Using a rubber band or string, strap a balloon onto one ankle of each party guest. Guests will go around trying to stomp on other kids’ balloons, while protecting their balloon from being popped. The last child with an inflated balloon wins!

  • Dress Up and Dash:

    Divide children into small teams for this giggle-inducing relay race. To begin, one child from each team will run, skip, frog jump, crab walk or shimmy down to a laundry basket filled with shirts, pants, scarves and hats. Each child must find one of each item of clothing, put it on and run to another point where they must jump rope 10 times. On their way back to the starting line children will drop the clothes back in the basket and tag in their teammate. The first team to have all their players complete the challenge wins!

  • Bringing Back the Classics:

    If you have several chaperones for the party, set up a game utopia with one parent refereeing or overseeing one of a variety of party favorites going on simultaneously. Any of the timeless classics like a slip and slide, tug-of-war, wheel barrow race, apple bob, egg toss or sack race are sure to challenge, excite and entertain children.

  • Easy as A-B-C:

    In small teams, or individually, set players free in the backyard to find an item starting with each letter of the alphabet. Time the activity and bring children together to share their findings. The team or guest who was able to fill in the most letters wins!

Get even more birthday party ideas that any guest will enjoy!