Bridge to Safety

Why did the elf cross the sink? “Jaws” because he wanted to! Your elf will take a daring trip over shark-filled waters in this this adventurous elf idea that can be staged in a bathroom or kitchen.



  1. First, your elf will build the base of the bridge by gluing two paper straws end to end. They will repeat this step to create the two sides of the base. Helpful hint for elves: Add extra straws for longer sinks.
  2. For extra stability, your elf will glue a wooden craft stick under each set of connected straws.
  3. To complete the bridge, your elf will glue wooden craft sticks horizontally from straw to straw, spacing them evenly to create bridge planks.
  4. Finally, your elf will place the bridge over a sink where small sharks are lurking on blue construction paper “water.”
  5. Your elf will make a daring trip across the sink using their bridge to safety!
  6. As a finishing touch, your elf will cut out one of the jokes from the punny printable and tape it on a nearby wall to elicit a laugh from little ones.

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Safety Warnings!