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Christmas Scooter Cool

Your elf will love the thrill of the open road and frosty nip in the air when they hop on this sporty ride!



  1. First, your Scout Elf will pop out and snap together the puzzle-like pieces of the Scout Elves at Play® Orna-Moments™ Christmas Scooter.
  2. For a cool look while keeping warm, your elf will wear the aviator jacket from the Claus Couture Collection® Flurry Flight Jacket Claus, plus the brown aviator goggles for eye protection.
  3. Finally, your elf will create a colorful motorcycle helmet by tearing off a strip of low-tack decorative tape and attaching it to half of a plastic Easter egg. Your elf can use the other half of the plastic egg to make a helmet for a friend.

Safety Warnings