Crafty Christmas Angel


  • Book
  • Ribbon
  • Wooden ball with a flat bottom
  • Mini snowflake decorations
  • Glue dots


  1. With a little crafting skill, your elf created a beautiful book angel that can brighten any book shelf all season long! To create the angel, your elf started by turning the book upside down and folding in the book’s very first page so that the top corner is touching the crease of the book.
  2. Your elf repeated this with the first fourth of the book’s pages.
  3. Keeping the book upside down, your elf will mimic the same action with the very last page of the book, continuing through the last fourth of the book’s pages.
  4. Next, your elf will turn the book right-side up and complete the exact same fold with the book’s remaining pages.
  5. To make the book look like an angel, your elf will fan out the middle pages of the book.
  6. For the angel’s head, your elf will use a glue dot to attach a wooden ball with a flat bottom to the book’s binding.
  7. As decoration, your elf will tie a ribbon just below the ball and attach mini snowflake decorations across the pages.

Safety Warnings!