Magical Snow Globe

Crafting a snow globe has never been easier, thanks to this Elf Pets: A Fox Cub’s Christmas Tale printable that your elf will use to create a paper plate snow globe swirling with snow!



  1. Your elf will print and cut out all the snow globe pieces included in the printable.
  2. Then, your elf will glue the picture of the movie scene background as well as the arctic fox cub onto the paper plate.
  3. They will sprinkle fake snow or glitter over the picture and glue a clear pie pan top onto the plate to seal the snow globe.
  4. To complete this craft, they will glue the gold base from the printable onto the bottom of the plate. Helpful hint for elves: If you don’t want to lay the snow globe flat, tape it to a wall, prop it up against a tall object or use a plate stand.
  5. Your elf will sit next to their super cute magical snow globe and wait for you to see it and shake it!

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Safety Warnings!