Making Memories Time Capsule


  • An empty container
  • Treasured keepsakes
  • Construction paper
  • Craft supplies (markers, stickers, glue, etc.)


  1. Help your Scout Elf get this project started by emptying a large container—think oatmeal cylinder, coffee can or shoebox. This will give your elf the perfect vessel to create a treasured time capsule!
  2. Your elf will cover the container with construction paper and use craft supplies to customize the capsule. Children can add some finishing touches if they please!
  3. Any pictures snapped, notes exchanged or other keepsakes shared between a child and his or her Scout Elf will make the perfect contents for this travel-back-in-time treat.
  4. After your elf completes the canister, he or she will place it out for your child to find. Have your child add special mementos throughout the Christmas season.
  5. After your Scout Elf leaves on Christmas Eve, place the time capsule in a special spot to be opened when your child is really missing his or her Scout Elf, or take the chance to reminisce about last year’s fun upon your elf’s return the next Christmas season!

Safety Warnings!