Mini Milk and Cookies


  • Cookie dough
  • 1 oz. glasses (the perfect size for a shot of milk!)
  • Straws
  • Knife


  1. Using the smallest drinking glasses they can find, your elf will create a small snack to show you how Scout Elves enjoy cookies at the North Pole!
  2. First, your elf will use cookie dough to create tiny elf-sized chocolate chip cookies and bake them according to the package instructions.
  3. Once the cookies are complete, your elf will use a knife to cut a small slit in the cookie so that it can be placed on the rim of the 1 oz. glass so they have a shot of milk to wash down the cookie.
  4. After pouring the milk and adding a festive straw, your elf is ready to show your family this fun-sized snack!

Safety Warnings!