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North Pole Tug of War

Scout Elves train year-round so they are in tip-top shape during the holidays. Being experts at work and play, they easily turn exercise into a game—tug of war!



  1. First, your Scout Elf will tear off a strip of low-tack decorative tape and lay it down as the center line between opposing teams.
  2. Next, your elf will use Candy Cane Cable as the rope, marking the center with a piece of low-tack decorative tape.
  3. Your elf will leave a note on a Scout Elf Message Card from Scout Elves at Play® and insert it in the stand.
  4. Finally, your Scout Elf and pals will divide into two teams positioned at an equal distance from the center line; they will tug on the Candy Cane Cable to determine which group is the strongest.

Safety Warnings