Playing with Peppermints



  1. To make a sweet set of uneven parallel bars, your Scout Elf will start by taking four paper straws and hot glue one peppermint to one side of each.
  2. Next, your Scout Elf will hot glue five peppermints together stacked on top of one another and repeat until he or she has created four stacks.
  3. After the peppermints have dried, your Scout Elf will glue one paper straw to each stack of peppermints.
  4. Using Candy Cane Cable, your Scout Elf will tie two of the straws together that have single peppermints at the bottom, making sure they cross slightly at the top. Your Scout Elf will repeat this step with the other two straws that have single peppermints attached to them.
  5. Your Scout Elf will repeat step four with the four straws that have the stacks of peppermints attached to them.
  6. Once the bars are balanced, your Scout Elf will lay one straw across each of the bases of the bars to create a place to swing from.

Safety Warnings!