• Cupcakes
  • White frosting
  • Chocolate icing
  • Small oval-shaped cookies
  • Candy eyeballs (available at most craft stores)
  • Brown candy-coated chocolates
  • Pink chewing gum
  • Frustum-shaped milk chocolates
  • Yellow gumdrops
  • Red ribbon
  • Toothpicks
  • Precision knife


  1. There’s only one thing better than cupcakes—pupcakes made to look like the Elf Pets® Saint Bernard! Your Scout Elf will start to craft these special treats by frosting the tops of the cupcakes with white frosting.
  2. Using chocolate icing, your Scout Elf will create two identical oval-shaped spots the cupcakes, leaving a white strip in between.
  3. Next, your Scout Elf will stick two oval-shaped cookies on each iced spot to make the pup’s “ears.”
  4. Your Scout Elf will place two of the candy eyeballs on the edge of the spots a little more than halfway up the cupcake.
  5. Just below the eyes, your Scout Elf will place a brown candy-coated chocolate as a “nose.”
  6. Your Scout Elf will use the chocolate icing to draw a mouth that connects to the nose and curves out on both sides.
  7. At the spot where the “mouth” curves outward, your Scout Elf will place a bubblegum “tongue” made by flattening sticks of pink bubble gum and using as precision knife to cut small oval-shaped tongues that have one flat side.
  8. To create the Saint Bernard pup’s barrel, your Scout Elf will use chocolate icing to connect the two larger sides of two frustum-shaped milk chocolates (bucket-shaped chocolate treats with caramel in the center).
  9. To create the barrel’s heart charm, your Scout Elf will flatten a yellow gumdrop and cut small heart shapes using the precision knife.
  10. After connecting the heart charm to the barrel using chocolate icing, your Scout Elf will attach the entire barrel to the cupcake using toothpicks.
  11. Your Scout Elf will tie a red ribbon around the base of the cupcake as the Saint Bernard’s collar, and place the cupcakes out for you to “woof” down!

Safety Warnings!