Snow Globe Elf


  • Glass sphere (e.g. a fishbowl)
  • Unsweetened shredded coconut
  • Wintry decor


Snow globes have been a favorite in Christmas décor for generations. Not to be left out, your Scout Elf will want to join the collection by putting themself right in the middle of the fun—literally!

First, your Scout Elf will gather the necessary materials to create a Christmas scene. Your elf will sit tight and pull all of their favorite Christmas décor items near them. Little pinecones, shredded coconut (it doubles as snow and food for a hungry little Scout Elf), and tiny presents all make an elf’s personal snow globe look like the North Pole. Your Scout Elf will then turn the bowl upside down over his or her head.

Voilà! An Elf sized snow globe will be sure to create a favorite family memory.

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Safety Warnings!