Special Snowballs


  • White yarn
  • Fork
  • Scissors


  1. Using a secret technique from the North Pole, your Scout Elf will begin to create a pom-pom by wrapping yarn around a fork—just like you would spaghetti!
  2. To create smaller pom-poms, your elf will wrap the yarn around the fork about 20 times. For bigger pom-poms, yarn is will be wrapped around the fork about 50 times. The wraps are always tight and your elf will be sure to keep the yarn in the middle of the fork!
  3. Once the yarn is wrapped around the fork the desired number of times, your elf will hold the wrapped yarn in place and will use scissors to cut the yarn wrap from the rest of the ball of yarn.
  4. Your elf will take a shorter piece of yarn, about 2 inches long, and tie it vertically around the yarn wrap while it’s still on the fork.
  5. After pulling the wrap off of the fork, your elf will pull the small string tighter and tie it in a knot. The wrap will become flat and round; the ends will be a series of tiny loops. By tying another knot on top of the one already created, your elf will make sure the yarn bundle is secured in place!
  6. Using scissors, your elf cuts the little loops apart—the pom-pom is beginning to form! To keep the pom-pom symmetrical, your elf snips off any errant pieces of yarn.
  7. Get ready for a snowball fight!

Safety Warnings!