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Take Fun to New Heights

Your Scout Elf loves to kid around. They’ll have fun creating a growth chart and “growing” taller by stacking and standing on gift boxes. Elf Pets® friends can get into the act, too, by lining up to get measured. And remember—your Scout Elf’s Christmas cheer and love are always growing!


  • Low-tack decorative tape from Scout Elves at Play® Stick Quick or other decorative sticky tape
  • Small gift boxes
  • Holiday Harness from Scout Elves at Play®


  1. Your Scout Elf will tear off strips of low-tack decorative tape.
  2. Next, they will attach the tape to the wall in even increments to make a colorful growth chart.
  3. Finally, they will pose on stacked gift boxes to appear as if they’re growing.

Safety Warnings