Working at the Pet Wash

Wash, rinse and repeat! Your Scout Elf will help your Elf Pets® get sudsy in a mini pet wash machine to make sure they’re fresh and clean for playtime with little ones.



  1. Your Scout Elf will cut out a rectangular shape on the front and back of a tissue box to create an entrance and exit for the pet wash.
  2. Then, they will cut off the bottom of the box.
  3. Your elf will cover the frame with tissue paper.
  4. To create a sign, your elf will cut a small piece of construction paper, fold it in half and glue it on top of the box.
  5. Next, they will print and cut out the printable pet wash sign and glue it to the construction paper; the bubbles and suds can be added to the box for additional decoration.
  6. To create a sponge with bristles, your elf will cut little strands of construction paper and tape the fringe in the corners of the pet wash entrance.
  7. On the opposite end, your elf will glue strands of yarn to the inner top of the box to mark the pet wash exit.
  8. Finally, your elf will sit next to the pet wash on a small bench with a drying towel in hand to wait for your squeaky clean Elf Pets®.

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